Culture in Creole – The Sega

    As has been the case for the other languages, the Creole languages has vehicled various forms of artistic expression; tales,the sega, poetry,drama, and novel as well.


     If the origin of the word “sega” is still debated, there is a large degree of consensus as to the origins of the music and dance form it denotes. The sega was born during the period of slavery. It was performed at night,round a camp fire, in the woods or on the beach, by black slaves. Its rhythms are said to be of Mozambican origin.The sega has evolved; the original form is perhaps still to be heard in what is termed “sega typique’ and is performed in places like Chamarel,Riviere Noire and Petite Riviere.

Sega, Seggae and Reggae remain the most popular produced Music in Mauritius amongst Mauritian artists. Thanks to a decent Internet connection nowadays we see more evolved artists doing RnB, Hip-Hop, Soul, Dubstep, Club, Techno and other worldwide known music.

Many singers had thought of also bringing forward the English version of the Sega songs but later resolved not to proceed with it so as to preserve the uniqueness and cultural richness of the local music of Mauritius.Here is the Top 10 popular sega singers till now :

1. Kaya (1960-1999)
2. Cassiya
3. Eric Triton
4. Menwar
5. Ti Frère (1900-1992)
6. Serge Lebrasse
7. Michel Legris (1932-2015)
8. Damien Elisa
9. Zulu
10. Alain Ramanisum

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